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Cullison-Wright Construction Corporation
State of Florida Minority, Women & Service-Disabled Veteran Certified
Over 50 Years of Construction Excellence
Our History

Jerry Cullison formed Cullison Builders in 1962. From 1962 to 1966 this construction company was engaged primarily in residential construction and various renovation projects.

Cullison Builders entered the field of commercial construction in 1966 with the building of the Plantation Pancake House in Ocala, which later became the International House of Pancakes. After completion of this project, Cullison Builders phased out its residential interests to concentrate on commercial building.

The Mobile Home Manufacturing Plant for the Skyline Corporation, built in 1969, was Cullison Builders largest project to that date. Built as a joint venture with Wright Construction of Elkhart, Indiana, this project, along with another Skyline Corporation Plant built in 1971, led to the formation of Cullison-Wright Construction Corporation on March 1, 1973.

Cullison-Wright Construction Corporation realized the steady growth in commercial and industrial construction, specializing in commercial banks, churches of all denominations, office buildings, and medical facilities.

Jerry Cullison, president of Cullison-Wright, bought out Wright Construction in 1978. Our volume of work has steadily increased since that time, with the last few years being the largest ever. Cullison-Wright Construction Corporation will continue our tradition of excellence and we will keep on striving to broaden our horizons.

A Message from Jerry B. Cullison, CEO

Our family involvement in Ocala/Marion County goes back four generations, over 100 years. My Grandfather, Jerry Burnett, and his brother left their home in South Carolina in 1894, seeking work. They decided to get off the train in Ocala instead of going to Orlando, as they originally planned because the train conductor announced that the town had just been burned in a fire. When they heard this they knew there would be work rebuilding Ocala. This was the beginning of Brick City.

My Great Grandfather, Mr. Gamble, who came to Ocala from Canada in the late 1890s was a contractor who built some of the more notable homes of Ocala. The most recognizable home he built was the Edward's home on S.E. 5th Street at Wenona. So you see, we have a long history of construction in Ocala.

To give you a brief history of the community side of myself and my family, I am a member of Blessed Trinity Catholic Church, where I was on the Parish Council for six years and chairman of the Finance Committee for ten years. I am an usher at the eleven o'clock mass.

I am a member of the Ocala Lion's Club and have been since 1964. Serving as President in 1979/1980, currently serving as chairman of the Hearing Aid Committee. I am also a member of the Elks Club.

My wife Virginia, taught first grade at Ward-Highlands Elementary School for 39 years. My daughter, Sandy Mansfield, is an honorary member of the Ocala Junior Women's Club. Her husband, Barry Mansfield, is also a member of the Ocala Elks Club. My other daughter, Sara Cullison, is also an active member of the Ocala Junior Women's Club.

The Cullison family being born and raised in Ocala for three generations back feels strongly about local revitalization, i.e. donations to H. O. P. S. House and many community projects.

You can tell that my family and I have been and will continue to be active citizens of Ocala and Marion County.

Committed to Excellence